7 Day Kalahari Safari



Day 1 Starts in Gaborone
Day 2 Rhino Khama Sanctuary
Day 3 Lekhubu Islande
Day 4 Lekhubu Island
Day 5 Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Day 6 Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Day 7 Trip Concludes


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      Emergency Evacuation


  • Day One

    Arrive at Maun Airport from Johannesburg and met by your safari guide, who will be holding a sign board that reads “MARVELOUS MOBILE SAFARI”. The guide will then take you to your hotel or lodge for your overnight.

    The first nights accommodation and meals are at the clients expense.

    Day Two

    Khama Rhino Sanctuary

    The Khama Rhino Sanctuary (KRS) is a community based wildlife project, established in 1992 to assist in saving the vanishing rhinoceros, restore an area formerly teeming with wildlife to its previous natural state and provide economic benefits to the local Botswana community through tourism and the sustainable use of natural resources. Covering approximately 8585 hectares of Kalahari Sandveld, the sanctuary provides prime habitat for white and black rhino as well as over 30 other animal species and more than 230 species of birds. Here, you will get to track Rhinos by following their tracks and learning a few tricks about the wild. This activity is very interesting and is conducted in the mornings only accompanied by our qualified guides. The purpose of the activity is not only to find the rhinos, but also to learn some survival techniques and habits that these animals have adopted in their evolution. This activity starts at 06:00am and clients are advised to wear appropriate footwear and bush-colored clothing.

    Clients will head back to the campsite and will be served brunch. Later in the afternoon, there will be a game drive where clients will get a chance to see animals such as black rhino, white rhino, impalas, giraffes, black backed jackal, steenbok antelopes, blue wildebeest, zebra and ostrich. When back at the campsite clients will be served dinner. Time for bed will be determined by the last client.

    Days Three

    Lekhubu Island

    Wake up early and head for Lekhubu Island immediately after breakfast. Lekhubu Island is a rock outcrop which was submerged in the waters of the great Lake Makgadigkadi which was one of the largest lakes in Africa. Kubu is a Setswana name for hippopotamus, while Lekhubu means a rock outcrop.

    About 10 000 years ago the Lake Makgadikgadi dried up and Lekhubu was left, an island surrounded by miles and miles of white salt. Research indicates that climatic changes and earth movements over thousands and thousands of years caused this dramatic change to take place. Low rock walls on the southern side of Lekhubu Island date back to the great Zimbabwean empire.

    Packed lunch will be served along the way. Upon arrival, clients will be taken for a game drive and later return to camp for a shower and dinner before heading to bed.

    Day Four

    Lekhubu Island

    The morning begins with breakfast, and then you will explore Lekhubu Island and this vast salt pan. You will return to camp for lunch and a siesta before heading out in the afternoon to witness yet again the landscape and wildlife of Lekhubu Island. Come back to the camp to shower with dinner following shortly. Bedtime will be determined by the last guest.

    Day Five

    Central Kalahari Game Reserve

    Early morning after breakfast, you will depart for Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Central Kalahari Game Reserve encompasses 52 000 square kilometers. The region of vast open plains, salt pans and ancient riverbeds is home to large herds of springbok, gemsbok. Made famous by Mark and Delia Owen in the book Cry of the Kalahari, we will spend 2 nights at Deception Valley and accommodation is tented camping. During our stay here we will track the black manned lion of the Kalahari. African wild dogs, cheetahs, brown hyenas can also be found following their prey in this untamed wilderness. The black manned lion of the Kalahari has a dominant color its adaptation is very high and therefore it can survive in hash conditions.

    The reserve has a variety of geological formations formed by changing climate over thousands of years. The Okwa River, now dry once fed the lake Makgadikgadi. Today this ancient fossil river forms a huge and beautiful valley in the southern part of the reserve, the open grasslands that spring of life with the coming of the rains support abundant game.

    Deception Valley is the reserve’s most famous location. This is a long, broad inter-dune valley running roughly north–south; it's thought to be the bed of a fossil river. During and after good rains this is carpeted in luscious green grass that attracts dense concentrations of game. There will be an afternoon game drive and dinner will be served at the campsite prepared by the chef. Time for bed will be determined by the client.

    Day Six

    Central Kalahari Game Reserve

    Wake up at around 06:00am for a light breakfast and a game drive through areas we did not get the chance to cover during the previous day. You will return to camp for lunch and a siesta before heading out in the afternoon for another game drive. Come back to the camp to shower with dinner following shortly. Bedtime will be determined by the last guest.

    Day Seven

    Trip Concludes

    On the departure day you will be transferred to Maun and then transferred to the airport to continue with other travel arrangements.