Home of the Baobab - 6 Days


Tour Information


Date Activity / Place
Day 1 Starts in Maun
Day 2 Lekhubu Island
Day 3 Rakops
Day 4 Makgadikgadi Pans National Park
Day 5 Makgadikgadi Pans National Park
Day 6 Trip Ends


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  • Day 1

    Arrive at Maun Airport from Johannesburg and met by your safari guide, who will be holding a sign board that reads “MARVELOUS MOBILE SAFARI”. The guide will then take you to your hotel or lodge for your overnight stay.

    The first nights accommodation and meals are at the clients expense.

    Day 2

    The morning begins with breakfast and then you will be picked up from the hotel or lodge by a safari guide and depart Maun for Lekhubu Island.

    At Rakops Village, a short respite from the journey will enable you to stretch your legs and enjoy a delicious packed lunch

    On arrival at Lekhubu you will find your campsite readyand waiting. You have the opportunity to have a much needed siesta followed by a short game drive later in the afternoon to witness the landscape, wildlife and sunset of Lekhubu Island.

    Back at the camp a long awaited shower followed dinner and bedtime will be determined by the last guest.

    Day 3

    Enjoy an early morning shower while listening the birdsoneThe morning begins with a fresh shower from a shower bucket with warm water, have breakfast then depart to Rakops village in the northern direction from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Rakops is a very interesting village with few tribes. Tribes such as Bateti, Basarwa, Bakalaka, Bayei and Basubia who normally perform traditional dance styles to entertain clients. It is believed that the Bateti tribe were the first to reside in Rakops along the Boteti River. The river was named after the Bateti tribe. It stretches all the way from Maun to Lake Dow. Upon arrival in Rakops you will drive to your designated Matsaudi camp sites where you will have lunch and siesta. In the afternoon you will have high tea and resume you the cultural tour in the village. After the cultural tour you will drive back to your camp site, have your shower and dinner will be served. Around 7:00 pm just immediately after your dinner there will be a great performance from two tribes of the village namely Basarwa and Bateti, where you will witness stylish dancing until late.

    Day 4

    The morning begins with an optional fresh, warm bucket shower, followed by breakfast

    We then depart to Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, enterance at the gate marke the start of our game drive. The game drive will take us to our campsite which will be ready and inviting.

    Once we have shown you to your tents and enjoyed a delicious lunch, you have the option of a siesta. Before your afternoon activity you will have high tea and then begin your game safari within the park to explore the amazing wildlife.

    Return to camp for a much needed shower and dinner follows.

    Day 5

    Have a quick shower and breakfast and do a short game drive within Makgadikgadi Park to exit the park through the northern gate returning to the main Maun - Nata road

    After a short approximate 30 minutes drive north we enter Nxai Pan National Park gate where you enjoy a game drive until you arrive at the campsite.

    On arrival at acamp we have lunch and optional siesta.

    In the afternoon tea is served and we resume the game drive safari within Nxai Pan to witness the amazing landscape and wildlife.

    Weexpect to see elephants, giraffes, impalas, wildebeest, zebras, and some of the big predators.

    The game drive will include a trip to Baines Baobabs. Baines Baobabs were named after the famous 20th century painter and explorer who painted this unusual group of baobabs during his journey through Southern Africa in 1862.

    The baobabs stand on the edge of a large salt pan that, although, dry for most of the year transforms into a massive sheet of water dotted with water lilies during the rainy season from December to March. During those wet months, water birds abound at the lagoon and create a spectacle of great beauty. We will drive back to camp in the evening, just in time to relax and take a shower before a superb dinner cooked over an open fire.

    Day 6

    Have a quick early morning shower and breakfast and we then depart to Maun doing a long game drive until we reach the gate and exit the park. On arrival in Maun you will be transferred to the airport to continue with other travel arrangements.

    We wich you a safe journey, shake hands and say goodbye.

    End of the Trip